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Discovering Dalyan - The People of Turkey

Dalyan Turkey

The Dalyan Exposé has finally come to an end. The process of the whole project has taken many twists and turns, some good and some not so good! When I started planning this project, it was very much from the heart. I wanted to help a town in need and the people there that I care about, a community that was dear to my heart. What began as an idea to write a few articles promoting the area while I was there on holiday turned into a project that feels like it has completely taken over my life for the past five months. My only hope is that it has all been worth it for the local community and for the future of tourism there.

My biggest regret is that I couldn't help everybody. I was completely oversubscribed with people and businesses wanting to get on board, so much so that it became a little stressful to turn them down. Everybody who has a relationship with Dalyan has a favourite bar, a favourite restaurant and a favourite hotel. Everybody who visits Dalyan regularly has made their own set of friends there who they have come to call family. But I only had three weeks to do everything, those three weeks have fast become a lot longer! I apologise to all of the people that I have not had time to help.

But here we are! Finally, after a few unforeseen hurdles, a couple of unsavoury characters, some new friends, some great adventures, a lost love, some realisations and a spate of writer's block, I've made it to the end! As much as I love Dalyan and Turkey as a country, I sure am looking forward to writing about something else, but perhaps I will return to this little corner of paradise once again in the future.

I would like to finish by sharing with you what I truly believe makes Dalyan so special and sets it apart from anywhere else in the world. The area is stunning, there is no denying that. From the traditional villages that surround the town, the Turkish architecture, the stunning agricultural land, and the magnificent mountain views, to the incredible unspoilt beauty that stretches from Lake Köyceğiz, through the Dalyan Delta to Iztuzu Beach, this place is visually perfect. But beauty isn't everything. Don't they always say, "it's what's inside that counts"? Well inside the paradisiacal cocoon of Dalyan is its people.

Dalyan would be nothing without the friendships that you will undoubtedly make while you are there. They are not all perfect, but they have heart and pride and they love their town fiercely. They want you to enjoy every second of your stay there and do you know what? It works! They are the reason why people return to Dalyan again and again. They are the reason why you as my reader should place a bet on this place and get yourself over there. Don't let politics put you off, don't let the media talk you out of it, go and experience it for yourself and help this community to thrive. Without them and without us, this town just wouldn't exist.

Please take the time to enjoy my final farewell to Dalyan by watching this short film which I whole heartedly dedicate to the people of Dalyan.

The best thing about the internet is that all of the great work that has been done here will be online for the world to see forever. I will continue to share the many articles and films that I have made during this project and I hope that you do too. To the people of Dalyan that I love, I hope from the bottom of my heart that you have the fantastic future that you deserve and work hard for. A piece of my heart will always be with you.

The Dalyan Exposé, signing off!

I would like to thank everybody who was involved in making this project a success. Thank you to all of the business who got involved, I hope it makes some difference. Thank you to DOKTOB for their hospitality. Mostly, thank you to my friends and supporters out there, without Dalyan I would never have met you and I will be eternally grateful for your patience and support!

This project was completely voluntary, I wasn't paid a penny to promote Dalyan, all views and thoughts are my own and true to my heart.

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