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Discovering Dalyan - Turkey's Newest Author

Dalyan Turkey

Faye Smith, originally from Buxton in Derbyshire, the beautiful Peak District of England, is now an expat living in Dalyan. As a child she was always an arty and creative person and her parents gave her many opportunities to cultivate her interests in the arts. She was a keen musician, a singer and a pianist, and came very close to choosing a career in music. But it was her love of teaching that won out in the end.

Faye Rogan, Dalyan's Newest Author

After a short spell of living and teaching in Cyprus, it was not teaching that brought her to Turkey fifteen years ago, it was a handsome and charming Turkish man. Faye accepted a job at Ankara's Bilkent University and she spent her free time sharing time with her partner who was from the south east and discovering and exploring Turkey and its culture. Faye ended her teaching career as the head teacher of the elementary school at Bilkent after a serious spell of ill health.

Seeing the Truth by Faye Rogan

While it was a brush with death that finally brought her to her paradise, Dalyan, it was her love for a Turkish man which led her to write her debut novel "Seeing the Truth". While the novel is a work of fiction, it is very much based on her own experiences of a difficult love between differing cultures and traditions.

Having always been an arty and educated woman and a keen reader of all types of fiction, she had never come across a romance novel that explored the extremely stereotypical relationships between British women and Turkish men. Having had her own experience of that nature and through needing a winter project to keep her occupied in a very quiet, out of season Dalyan, "Seeing the Truth" was born.

When Faye came to publish her book, many friends were trying to buy the novel on Amazon. However in a hilarious turn of events, one friend managed to buy a book by a Faye Smith that turned out to be a highly erotic novel. As a consequence, Faye decided to use a pen name and now, as an author, she is known as Faye Rogan.

Watch our interview with Faye, find out about her life, her history, her relationship and her passion for Turkey and Dalyan in particular.

If you would like to buy her book, click on the link below! The book is available as an ebook or as a paperback. If you have any interest in romance, culture or Turkey, you will find this novel a fantastic read.

Is it safe to travel to Turkey?

The Dalyan exposé has begun! The project will run until the 23rd of May and will include a lot of exciting articles and videos on our YouTube channel with interesting interviews with business owners and those who work in tourism in Turkey. We'll also be tackling safety issues and what terrorism means for Turkey and the beautiful riverside town of Dalyan.

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