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Discovering Dalyan - A View From A Minaret

While in Dalyan, I met with the Imam at the local Mosque which sits as the centre point of the town of Dalyan. He was kind enough to share with me everything about the story behind the rebuilding of the Mosque following damage that was done to the structure of the building after an earthquake decades ago. He also taught me a lot about how the services work and has invited me to film his Friday (holy day) service tomorrow, which I am sure will be fascinating.

Incredibly, he asked if I would like to go up to the top of the minaret, which was an offer I was not going to refuse! I have never heard of anybody being allowed up there in the past, so I felt very lucky to have the chance, not only to experience what it must be like for a Müezzin to sing the call to prayer five times a day, but also to have the chance to photograph the best views across the stunning town of Dalyan.

Here are a few select shots that I'd like to share with you, and I hope that I can entice you to return to my blog in May!

1) The view over the new dome of the Mosque and the Mosque Square

The new dome of the Dalyan Mosque and the Mosque Square

2) Dalyan's boats lined up waiting for their customers

3) The other side of Mosque Square, the riverside path and Maraş Cadesi (Bar Street)

The other side of Mosque Square, the riverside path and Maraş Cadesi (Bar Street)

4)The Co-Op Boats

Co-Op Boats

5) The Turkish flags and the Atatürk Statue by the Dalyan River

The Turkish Flags and the Ataturk Statue by the Dalyan River

6) One of Dalyan's many boats on the river

One of Dalyan's many boats

7) Snow capped mountains beyond Dalyan

Snow capped moutains beyond Dalyan

The Dalyan exposé will run for 3 weeks in May and will include a lot of exciting articles every day and videos on our YouTube channel with interesting interviews with business owners and those who work in tourism in Turkey. We'll also be tackling safety issues and what terrorism means for Turkey and the beautiful riverside town of Dalyan.

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