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Top Ten Photos - New Zealand

New Zealand may well be one of the most photogenic countries I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. It is truly stunning. From the black sand volcanic beaches of the north, to the tantalisingly turquoise waters of the south, there is always something to capture your imagination.

1) Milford Sound, Fjordland

Milford Sound, New Zealand

I was so lucky the day that I visited Milford Sound. For weeks I had been told to expect rain and mist as Fjordland was notorious for that kind of weather front. I even packed my rain mac that day. But, I didn't need it! The sun was out in all its glory! I love this photo because you can see the haze of the summer heat around the mountains and the way the light bounces off the rocks, showing perspective. Milford Sound is possibly the most beautiful place on earth and you know an adventure of beauty awaits between those mountains!

2) Bethell's Beach

Bethel's Beach, New Zealand

When I visited New Zealand, it was my first encounter of black volcanic sand. I spent about half an hour just sinking my caspar white feet into it! It certainly made for great photos, bringing amazing contrast to the sky and the natural light. Bethell's Beach has such a huge expanse of sand too, it was a lot of fun to photograph! This particularly stormy day just added to the drama! I love the contrast of colours, so moody!

3) Bethell's Beach Take Two

Surfers at Bethell's Beach, New Zealand

The black volcanic sands created the perfect feel for black and white photos. The guys were completely unaware that I was taking a photo of them, but I just love the way it encapsulates friendship and a surfing culture.

4) The Franz Josef Glacier

Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand

Blue skies, white fluffy clouds, lush green forestation, the stark contrast of grey slate and the stunning shiny white and blue tinge of the glacier. How could it not make a great photo? I was nearing the end of my trip to New Zealand at this point and had close to run out of money. I walked for miles this day to and from the glacier and my goodness it was hot! It was so amazing to climb the hill and see this view for the first time!

5) Russell, The Bay of Islands

Russell, Bay of Islands, New Zealand

You can't beat a great sunset, and Russell had one of the best I had ever seen. After a day trip around the Bay of Islands, I got on a ferry across to Russell to watch the sunset and I was not let down. After a short walk around the little town, I just sat on a bench for a couple of hours and soaked it all in. It was amazing to see the sun burning through the clouds and the colours of the sky and the water change as the sun dropped behind the horizon. This shot is one of many favourites!

6) The Bay of Islands

Bay of Islands, New Zealand

It's always great to get a decent shot of a dolphin, especially on a boat where the elements and timing are often againts you. Dolphins are such wonderful creatures, and we were lucky that day that we were followed by schools of them! I got lucky with this shot. Not only did I capture a group of them playing together, but that's a pretty decent tail shot too!

7) Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

How incredible to see snow capped mountains in the heat of summer! Not only does this photo give you an idea of the amazing landscapes of the South Island. Even being there was like looking at a postcard. What astounded me was the colour of the water. It gets its colour because the water is filtered down from the glaciers and this can be seen all over the south island. The water really was that turquoise!

8) The Remarkables, Queenstown

The Remarkables, Queenstown, New Zealand

Another postcard view! The Remarkables tower over Queenstown and like much of the scenery that surrounds the town, they look like a cardboard cut out. You feel like you could reach over and touch them, or push them over. I love the way the crevices in the mountains capture the light and you can really see their texture.

9) Franz Josef Town

Franz Josef Town, New Zealand

Franz Josef is a sleepy little backpacker town which only really serves as a traveller base for visiting the glacier. I loved it there though, it was such a quirky place. I feel that this photo really encapsulates that. There's a snow covered mountain in the background, beautiful sunshine and blue skies, towering palm trees, and a reception in a red bus next to a kayak. I think this photo describes Franz Josef perfectly!

10) The Earnslaw of Queenstown

The Earnslaw, Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown just wouldn't be the same without the iconic Earnslaw steam boat. It is quite at home on Lake Wakatipu. There's those cardboard cut out mountains too!

I could have shared hundreds of photos from my travels to New Zealand. These were just a handful of favourites. If you'd like to check out more, have a look at my photography page!

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